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RiskSpan Data Service collects remittances and loan level data for thousands of deals. This data is maintained in a database and provided flexibly based on customer’s needs.
RiskSpan has built a very robust analytics and risk management platform designed for the Structured Finance market.
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RiskSpan is uniquely qualified to perform valuations of large portfolios of CDOs, MBS, ABS, ABCDS and other derivatives.

RiskSpan delivers:

Experience – Trading, Data Management and IT experience in the MBS/ABS markets
Computation Firepower – Quick turnarounds on the largest portfolios
Flexibility - Custom reporting, analysis and integration of 3rd party models

Data – Large proprietary loan level database combined with the INTEX waterfall models provides a supportable valuation solution

CDO Valuations
Loan Level Analysis of SF CDOs
Large Loan Database
Support for a variety of underlying assets
Prepay and Credit Model Transparency

Run Aggregate CF through the INTEX waterfall or RiskSpan's CDO Modeling Language

About RiskSpan, Inc
RiskSpan, Inc., which provides on demand, web based data, analytics, risk management and trade management services spanning all fixed income products, with a particular emphasis on MBS/ABS/CDO. Utilizing the RiskSpan server farm, several of the top CDO Managers run loan level analysis of complex ABS and CDO structures. In addition to RiskSpan’s awesome analytic power, RiskSpan’s team of 50 developers and analysts can provide a customized service to meet your specific needs. RiskSpan goal is to provide a flexible, fast and fully integrated solution for the valuation and trading of fixed income products.

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